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Trali vali, 2024

120 x 140 cm

oil on canvas, wood frames painted with acrylics This art piece is one of the 20 paintings that I created for the interior of elderly home: based on my research blue, green and violet colors has the most positive impact for people with dementia. Since in my chosen institution most of people have dementia I created a collection of paintings that would not only brighten the mood of seniors that live in elderly home, but also make a healthy and positive impact on their mental health. I volounteered, wrote a diary on how I feel while being in there, wrote stories that I heard from seniors and used my texts to create fun compositions for canvas. Volounteering I realised that a lot of seniors remember their dances from youth and feel nostalgic. That’s why I chose the topic of dance for this series of paintings. As an contemporary painter tried to combine seniors stories with my interpretations. “Trali vali” is my chaotic interpretation of dance. I tried to imagine seniors dancing and how the environment could look like since a lot of seniors told me stories about dance parties in village areas. Shades of violet, green and blue colors are chosen to make a positive effect on mental health of seniors with dementia.

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