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Jogintas Čepulis

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Leedu

Four. There is a life option that man is made to live. I beat the teeth of the piano while the swans glided across the lake and the ragged and pensive “Chiurlionees” rode their skates. I played the King in the theater, not being able to pronounce “rrr”, refraining from insolence and nudity on stage, nor having reached the Unbreakable Prince. I was a joker musician at weddings and dances, singing “why so sad?”. And the ancient Greeks seem to have understood the world more than we do now. And for a teacher, three things are important: patience, patience and patience. That’s why I became, that’s why I chose painting as the only way of survival and living. Painting first of all asks about sociability, because man is as necessary to man as air. Performance differs from theater in that the objects are real, not props, that the action is real, not pretend. I observe the context of reality, I see that I am in this place, in this time, and I avoid any illusory cover of ideas that keeps tempting me to forget. And painting fascinates with its immeasurable vastness of colors, because life is beautiful, colorful, because it can be like that if I don’t get disappointed in myself and the world. And nothing will ever stop, always a new day, always new thoughts, new works, the daily ritual of renewal, the flowing water of the Ganges, vitality. Freedom only to the extent that I can make my own rules. And it is important to speak the truth with love, otherwise no one will believe it properly. This is one of the options for human existence. Eleven.


5177640-5177684 - Jogintas Čepulis
84 x 60 cm
5177685-5177729 - Jogintas Čepulis
84 x 60 cm
5177730-5177774 PILKI Ū - Jogintas Čepulis
5177730-5177774 PILKI Ū  
84 x 60 cm
5177775 JOGINTAS ČEPULIS 'VĖJAS' 2022-02-23 16:58-5177819 IŠ LEMPOS - Jogintas Čepulis
5177775 JOGINTAS ČEPULIS 'VĖJAS' 2022-02-23 16:58-5177819 IŠ LEMPOS  
84 x 60 cm
5177820-5177864 NEVERTIN - Jogintas Čepulis
5177820-5177864 NEVERTIN  
84 x 60 cm

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