NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Definitions, Schemes, 2024

160 x 464 cm

acrylic on canvas

Use up paint- an obsessive sense of organizing so that there are no more objects that remind to create new habits pollockish distraction tactile surface vision fear of repeating colors what does together separately mean what does small big mean painting process.

IMG- a name that changes the perception of the painting process towards the photographic capture side acrylic on photo paper ha the one-dimensional thought of a one-time painterly gesture can be easily enlarged, reduced, copied, mixed how to understand the theoretical infinity of the process and the actual limitation thinking pattern.

Key words: work with painting, aest-ethics, info-aesthetics, sensory structure, metamodernism, new materialism, new sincerity, performatism, theoretical imagination.

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5177640-5177684 - Jogintas Čepulis
84 x 60 cm
5177685-5177729 - Jogintas Čepulis
84 x 60 cm
5177730-5177774 PILKI Ū - Jogintas Čepulis
5177730-5177774 PILKI Ū  
84 x 60 cm
5177775 JOGINTAS ČEPULIS 'VĖJAS' 2022-02-23 16:58-5177819 IŠ LEMPOS - Jogintas Čepulis
5177775 JOGINTAS ČEPULIS 'VĖJAS' 2022-02-23 16:58-5177819 IŠ LEMPOS  
84 x 60 cm
5177820-5177864 NEVERTIN - Jogintas Čepulis
5177820-5177864 NEVERTIN  
84 x 60 cm