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Aleksi Kallioja Noor kunstnik

Aleksi Kallioja

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Soome

Aleksi Kallioja (1988) is a photographer and visual artist who lives and works in Helsinki Finland and is currently studying towards a bachelor’s degree in fine arts in The Helsinki University of Arts in the Time and space department. 

Kallioja has been interested in a wide variety of arts from a very young age and he attended Helsinki Artist’s Associations art school throughout his childhood. His studies also include Kallio upper secondary school of performing arts as well as vocational studies in Pekka Halonen academy of arts. Kalliojas recent interests have also manifested themselves in deeper studies of the photographic process and how the manner and the act of photographing itself affect the reactions and results of the final image. In his current works, he also takes into notion the way we read and experience photographs and what happens to the way we perceive and trust photographs to have evidential value, and what happens when we change the medium from the traditional photographic print to alternative printing methods.


Siblings I - Aleksi Kallioja
Siblings I  
135 x 100 cm
Siblings II - Aleksi Kallioja
Siblings II  
135 x 100 cm
Siblings III - Aleksi Kallioja
Siblings III  
135 x 100 cm


Homo Insipiens - Aleksi Kallioja
Homo Insipiens  
28 x 40 cm

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