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Greta Rokaitė Noor kunstnik

Greta Rokaitė

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Leedu

In 2018, I started studying graphics at the Vilnius Academy of Arts. A few years later, after participating in the international biennial of young artists „sBUK2“ in Belgrade, I began to delve deeper into the direction of book art. In my works, I mostly experiment with photography, typography and attempts to give the book human qualities and liveliness. Recently, the topic that interests me the most is memory, presence and absence of it. I have always been a person – a collector of memories. For more than ten years now, I have been engaged in constant diary keeping and photographing everyday life. These shots and notes becomes an important component in my work. It turns into a kind of memento that reminds me of my own experiences and events. I study memory processes in various ways and accept the present as a unique time that will never be repeated, even in our own memory. Since theatre, cinema and music have always been very close in my life, I try to transfer certain elements and use them in my art to involve the viewer in a multifaceted sensory experience of the work.


"exi(s)t" - Greta Rokaitė
170 x 320 cm

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