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Airidas Skublickas

Airidas Skublickas

Kunstniku päritolumaa: Leedu

Artist values the process of creation more than the created object itself, for the process is a skilled, respectful ritual that shapes ephemeral and immaterial ideas in to physical objects. And to artist it is much more delightful. During his bachelor studies he dabbled between goldsmithing and blacksmithing, experimenting with traditional, archaic and exotic metalworking with the goal of finding new ways of expression for himself and his colleagues. For example trying out traditional japanese metal art alloys and patinas or smelting and forging wootz steel. For his master’s studies he focused on the mix of themes concerning the role of contemporary artisans, lost or non-existant metalwork tradition continuity, their pragmatic and spiritual element for the artisan and society.


Barricade - Airidas Skublickas
280 x 180 cm

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