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The Wreath of Flowers that Could Possibly Bloom on Mars, 2023

50 x 50 cm

oil on canvas

“The Wreath of Flowers that Could Possibly Bloom on Mars” was created with the assistance of ChatGPT. In our conversation, I explored the potential visual characteristics of flowers that might thrive on Mars if humans were to adapt the conditions in the future. Drawing from detailed descriptions considering factors like moisture, radiation, distance from the sun, and the soil on the Red Planet, I endeavored to craft a collection of entirely new flowers. Unfortunately, all the flowers ended up resembling familiar Earth flowers. Some viewers noted that certain blooms took on forms reminiscent of a rooster’s tail or frost. Through this painting process and accompanying research, it became evident that I cannot create what I have never seen; my imagination is constrained by the limits of human experience. Moreover, in my dialogue with ChatGPT, it became clear that the program also reflects the boundaries of human imagination. For instance, it suggested cultural stereotypes like a laurel wreath for these dystopian flowers.

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