NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

The Sauna is warm, 2024

247.5 x 250 cm

Cyanotype on fabric, Saunabench, wood, Saunabench wrapped in Cyanotype on fabric, 2 Kimonos, 2 pair of slippers & Shoe Covers

The Artwork is a Sauna-Installtion which is modeled on the Sauna of Sompasauna. I am at Sompasauna every day for Sauna since almost three years. The recipient is asked to put on one of the two kimonos in front of the Sauna and one pair of blue slippers or shoe covers. The Viewer can thereafter walk in and blend in with the artwork and gets so a part of it. With the Kimono it will get very warm and you will probably start sweating. The whole installtion consists Cyanotype on Fabric, alltogether more than 40 squaremeter of it. The content of the Cyanotype images are various photos, drawings, paintings, cut outs and more and deals with the topic of bodily and Sauna confrontation. In- and outside you will find saunabenches originally from Sompasauna. The bench outside of the Sauna is wrapped with Cyanotype fabric. It was exhibited at the Kuvan Kevät exhibition 2024.

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