NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond
SILDID: NOBA Award´24  

The Poetics of Vision, 2024

3.5 x 4 cm

Objects woven from burnt metal wire, 2024

The installation Poetics of vision about my visual gaze as an artist, who teaches us to see and understand ordinary things in a different way. I believe that jewelry does not have to be made of ordinary materials: gold, silver, precious stones, it can be created from industrially created material such as burnt metal wire. Jewelry doesn‘t have to be small and it doesn‘t have to be portable. The poetics of vision installation is multifaceted, combining the representation of the structure of the human eye, combining geometric shapes in space and jewelry: circle and square. Part of the installations composite objects hangs on the wall with the possibility of removing them, the other part hangs at eye level in a checkerboard pattern in the central space of the installation, where parts of the visual system can be seen: retina, cornea, iris, pupil. The objects of the installation can be viewed from all sides, with the possibility to try them on by taking them off and putting them on the body. The visual poetics installation transcends the usual jewelry-scale functions, they can be wearable or nonwearable, there are no rules. All created objects can embody the whole of a sculptural, three-dimensional wall decor. Objects of the installation in relation to the body: forebody, upper body, side body, accessories, decoration has its own excellent and I have. So, I created something unexpected for you, as a curious visitor – a stud ring. As a participant in the installation, wearing a ring with a stud on your finger while walking around the installation space, you can stick it into any object of the installation, in this way it will become a temporary, scaled-up ornament of your body. The installation is complemented by a photographic tape on the wall, with the help of which one can perceive how the objects of the installation look in relation to the body