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SILDID: NOBA Award´23  

The Cloud Of Unknowing 101–112, 2023

210 x 1 cm

plaster, pigment, wood, cardboard, paper, canvas, cotton, steel, aluminium, wire, plastic, polyester, fibreglass.

“The Cloud of Unknowing 101–112,” synthesizes the ideas of contemplative life with the concept of archives. Reflecting on the Cloud of Forgetting and the Cloud of Unknowing presented to the reader by an anonymous medieval mystic, I have constructed a pseudo-archive, drawing inspiration from museology, archaeology, and materiality research. This archival framework serves as a catalyst for exploring the boundaries of display, both in terms of material objects and abstract categories. The grid, a recurring element in the installation, takes on various roles, symbolizing the search for structure in the midst of the changing nature of clouds (physical and metaphorical) and ever fluctuating contexts likewise. Comprised of several groups of objects, the installation showcases reconstructed works that were created as part of my esearch into the process of abstraction. These objects are a physical outcome from my exploration of the interplay between materiality and spirituality. I am setting up different systems and methods, borrowing from negative theology and slightly touching upon the absurdity of creating an archive meant to be forgotten in my quest of creating this work. The “101” in the title of the work refers to a manual, a basic instruction to a beginner (in this case — it is a manual in forgetting, as well as reference to the literary work “The Cloud Of Unknowing” being an introduction to contemplative prayer). The “112” refers to the emergency telephone number, embodying the loving urgency to get to work inspired by all the observation both mystics and artists share. The work has been part of the MA POST graduate show “Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly”, 01–29/06/2023, Riga, Latvia.

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