NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

Archive, 2024

100 x 100 cm


Ways to think about islands. Pt. II and Pt. III To think from the side: While traveling through waters I lost time of track. The well-known destination appeared as if from nowhere and took me by surprise. Now the heavy construction of the catamaran opens, more like a gate than a door. A slit in the factual world, dissonance from what is supposed to be real. My experiences become more trustworthy. To think from within: I try to go back to the island through the collected artifacts and written notes. To tell the experiences. But experiences become memories, memories become tales, tales become myths and dreams. In the end, they are not even my own but belong to the one looking, feeling, and longing for the island. I bring back the island in a change of tiny particles. Something so real becomes multi-layered and unknowable. And something as remote as someone else’s experience finds its place in the silent, in tiny boxes and stitches.

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The perspective from above - Elena Augusta Victoria Reckevitz
The perspective from above  
100 x 100 cm


Stitching - Elena Augusta Victoria Reckevitz
170 x 200 cm