NOBA Põhja- ja Baltimaade kaasaegse kunsti keskkond

The Bride, 2020

160 x 80 cm

oil on linen canvas

The truth and the mysterious. This collection of paintings is dedicated to different lengthy emotional states and periods of life. In the figural compositions the images created by my imagination are symbolizing specific inner states that are like fragments of my life, and that is the reason I have called them my self-portraits. Each painting is a portrait of an emotional and psychological state, each image is like a painted sculpture, dedicated to a specific facet of life. This is like a memory of an emotional experience, like a beautiful monument in the place where something precious from the past has been buried. The emotions have already calmed down and on a peaceful warm day you can come and stay there in silence, heal the remaining pain and be able to go on with life. A person is modelled by past, present and future. The present is between the past and future. If you have not come into terms with the past, it will not let you to move forward. You have to accept life, especially things that already have happened, because there is nothing you can change, it just is. Only then you will have peace and the opportunity to see the world around you, you will be able to start moving and go forward. Then your past becomes a treasure-chest, something valuable and even sacred, something that you want to protect and keep. It brings you emotional fulfillment. And with very moment you discover that something that seemed so bad you wished it to never happen or to be different – it becomes the only thing, and there will be nothing else. And then it acquires a value. You stop denying it and it becomes truly yours! This is your chest, and there is no other. This treasure-chest is valuable and dear exactly the way it is. In this way, something ugly turns into a precious stone that you own.

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