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Good morning!, 2020

92 x 84 cm

oil on linen canvas. Waking up. To wake up from the sleep. There is time to sleep and there is time to wake up. There is morning, day, evening and night, and then again the morning… Stages of life that are like a metaphor, and they can have the good or – in contrast – the negative connotation. Night can be good or bad, and in the same way something bad can be good for someone and something good can be bad, but for somebody else it will be the opposite. In this painting, the “waking up” is good. One stage of life is replaced by another. I like mornings and evenings, and maybe someday I will start to love everything. But maybe it is not necessary. Each of us are different, and it is good. This work has participated in personal exhibition “Self portrait” in 2021 in Riga Latvia.

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