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Lecons de vol, 2020

25 x 999 cm

Ceramics: stoneware, glazes, ceramic decals, luster “Lecons de vol” was part of my MFA degree work installation Kaikki nuoret tyypit / All the young dudes. Inspiration behind the work was in Cocteau’s surrealist film Poet’s blood, where in one sequence the main character peeps through a keyhole to observe a curious flying lesson taking place. This movie served as a muse for my work; I felt that the child, capable of flying but unwilling to, captured the teenage emotional state that I felt I wanted to capture. In this sequence the androgynous child is forced to fly – a middle aged woman threatens the child with a whip until they take off, ending up jingling in the ceiling. The child ends up doing what they are forced to do, but ends up sticking their tongue out defiantly. This work was a part of my MFA degree show installation held in Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki, October 2020. Image credit: Veera Konsti.

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