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Flax flowers in Blue, 2023

59.4 x 42 cm

Silkscreen and giclée on paper

Work is a part of an ongoing art research project called “Dowry”. The main motif – sewing pattern – is reflected in the project as an artefact that marks the collective and personal stories of women workers. Here, a seamstress’s drawing pulled out of a dusty drawer becomes an heirloom that analyses the kinship between fabric, clothing and status, between women’s labour and dowry, between the archaic and the industrial. This artistic research rethinks the stereotypical association of women with crafts. Here, printmaking is interwoven as a conscious and important technique, as the main means of replication and creation related to craft and the handmade. Dowry is an associative representation of visual culture that touches on our notions of identity, gender, work and culture. A return to the handmade and craft, a search for the connection between the object and the person, is used by the viewer as a way of cultivating social empathy. The installation is the author’s final BA project in Graphic Art at Vilnius Academy of Arts, supervised by Assoc. Prof. Jolanta Mikulskytė and was exhibited in a solo exhibition at VGMC gallery as part of an ongoing exhibition cycle “Young/New Graphics” curated by Elena Grudzinskaitė.

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