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SILDID: NOBA Award´24  

EchoChamber, 2024

2.8 x 7 cm

Immersive video installation Duration: 00:05:38 Language: English, swedish, english subtitles​ Recycled mirrors, HD video projection, Real-time, digitally processed video feed

choChamber is a room of mirrors, containing a video that kicks off every 10 minutes and starts with a research question quickly dissolving into a maze. It ponders on themes of appropriation, entertainment and the surveillance society. While copyright laws within the art field continue to tighten, the work asks why AI is allowed to use almost anything from the internet. As the visitor leaves the installation, they become aware of an AI that has been scanning their every move and has made a very intimate profile of them.​ The works key criticism is about the surveillance society today. ​ ​ This master thesis work is exhibited at the Kuvan Kevät exhibition at the Kuva/Tila gallery by The Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki 3.5-2.6.2024.

Technical specifications: Emotion recognition program using MediaPipe by Rattasart Sakunraats based on Kazuhito Takahashis gesture recognition program with MLP. written in Python and modified with the curtacy of the Apache v2 License 2004. Programmers: Sofia haapamäki,Teodor Adolfssons, Tuomo Rainio and Annabel Kajetski. Artistic content by: Annabel Kajetski ​

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