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Blue Blanket, 2023

78 x 106 cm

pastels on paper

Blankets are home objects. They envelope the everyday life, are passed down through generations, safely kept in the closets of homes and cabins. Although often we associate blankets with the mundane, in this series of drawings, their essence becomes sacred – blankets protect and hide us in sleep. In the subconsciousness, they become an inseparable part of us. In this series, I fragment the blankets, their patterns follow a common, unifying narrative of a story. Before recreating their ornaments, I smooth out the paper with my palms and pastels. Through this cyclic repetition of the meditative gesture, I seem to bring softness to the works. The tender pastel paper becomes a blanket, once I build in the ornamental details. Blankets lead a horizontal narrative without a culmination. It is like a unifying symbol that speaks of universal togetherness, the silent history of humanity. The work was displayed in exhibition (hi)stories. Young / New Graphic Art. Part of VAA Graduation Show and Culture Night 2023 (Vilnius Graphic Art Centre’s Kairė-dešinė gallery).

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