NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Yesterday, at the gathering of a large number of believers, Edward von Lõnguse's "Doomsday Cathedral" was opened in Ülemiste City, Tallinn, which led to a journey into the modern death industry, where humanity just steps closed and closer to the end of the world. "Doomsday Cathedral" is the main exhibition of first-ever Tallinn Biennial.

The cathedral was inaugurated with an opening sermon, a shaky church concert was given by Winny Pooh, and Must Kast performed an excerpt from the production “One Hundred Seconds to Midnight” performed six times in July.

According to Edward von Lõngus, the Cathedral of the Last Day is dedicated to the only universal religion that unites all countries and nations, regardless of cultural background, skin color or image of God. “The only agreed imaginary value that we all share a common understanding of is MONEY. We all worship the god of money in the same way. A banknote is a religious unit whose power is recognized by all. Faith is, in fact, the only value that gives the banknote its guarantee. Without faith, he would be just a piece of paper. However, our belief in the value of this piece of paper is so firm and unwavering that we are ready to follow it, even to the end of the world. Money created our world. Money also destroys it. ”

Photos by Ivar Hütt