NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

When visiting Helsinki, take a tour in art galleries instead of numerous traditional art museums. Let yourself be amazed and inspired by totally different kind of art such as large scale sculptures of moss-green children at Forsblom or video of puppets and a 3D animation at Galerie Anhava.

Kim Simonsson “Chosen” at Galerie Forsblom

This is not a typical show that you could find anywhere, especially in Estonian contemporary art scene. These green oversized sculptures leave an overwhelming impact as they appear to come straight from fairy tale world and seem to be longing for a touch. Kim`s  artworks carry strong narrative and dynamics as they are still and live at the same time. These fairy tale children resemble the materiel of Soviet Vigri toys era, or some weird children of forest made out of moss.

These fairytale children resemble the material of Vigri toys from Soviet era, or some weird children of forest made out of moss.

The artist´s signature method is actually an electrostatic transfer of nylon fiber to the surface of his sculptures, giving them the appearance of being coated in moss. Simonsson uses glaze to evoke particular associations with the history of ceramic art. Clay is a living, organic material which Simonsson covers with a generous coat of glaze, allowing it to drip down the surface without being brushed smooth.  


Galerie Anhava exhibition “Human Flesh” by Jani Ruscica. 

The exhibition represents the combinations and relations of meaning through humor. The main piece, short film, Human Flesh, explores how sensory experience can be passed on via language, gestures, forms, sounds and images. The film takes the viewer into an empty space where the proportions of people and objects are blurred. Artist uses cross-disciplinary method in art collaborating with professionals and experts in different areas. 

Exhibition view


Fold in and Fall Flat consists of one puppet that can be directly manipulated followed by 3D animation. The third set of works of the exhibition is made up of wooden reliefs and woodblock prints of anthropomorphic letters.


Helsinki Contemporary Gallery: exhibition of Heli Rekula “Drunken Gods and a box of colours” 

At a young age the artist was caught in the middle of Hurricane Gilbert. Now, 30 years later, she is investigating how the world has changed looking through the camera. It is typically human to doubt in our own memories? Are the things we remember only an imagination did they really occur? The material recorded on camera serves as an aid to memory while, as a medium, it constructs new memories.


Are the things we remember only an imagination did they really occur?



Highlights of Art Museums

The exhibition of Arja Kärkkäinen “I didn’t arrive, as in the train I became another” is memorable enough to give a overview. 

The show was aesthetically pleasing while time seemed to be frozen, almost tomb-like atmosphere. Sculptures made of concrete resembled statues from the past. The strongest impact for me was made by a concrete sculpture of hands with dripping water. The gentleness of human hands remains apparent even in a sculpture made of concrete. Looking at the sculpture, I came across the thought that humans are like concrete, but nature has is ways to brake even toughest material in its consistency… 

Arja Kärkkäinen sees these works as counterpoints to tombstones – as birthstones for the living. 

Exhibition view



A piece on the floor resembling the symbol of infinity, could be a floor of government agency, shopping center or an office – the artist sees it as a monument to all being. 

Exhibition view



Kiasma exhibits a group show “Coexistence” that is asking questions such as how nature is presented in contemporary art. And how are humans interpreted in relation to other species? 

Exhibition view


Amos Rex new show  Birger Carlstedt  retrospective is opened from 11 October and Helsinki Art Museum HAM large hall exhibition  “State of Mind – Helsinki 193 Arja Kärkkäinen: I didn’t arrive, as in the train I became another 9-1945″ is opened from 18th October.