NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Gediminas Pranckūnas. Across the Whole View

Gediminas Hill and its surroundings are historically significant as the city’s place of origin. In fact, it is not much of a hill, but rather a steep, cake-shaped mound. However, not unlike the seven hills of Rome, it stands as a symbolically significant defensive landmark. While acting as a place…

Vytautas Jurkūnas (1910–1993): A Graphic Artist with a Camera

Vytautas Jurkūnas (1910–1993), an established name in Lithuanian graphic art, is known to many as a talented illustrator of books. In Soviet times, he taught at the State Art Institute of the Lithuanian SSR for many years, nurturing more than one generation of graphic artists. However, the artist’s early and…

Dominykas Sidorovas. Firewall

Dominykas Sidorovas’s main artistic media is painting, however, he collects and often creates various art objects, drawings on paper as well as on walls. This time the mural artworks in particular will be showcased at the exhibition “Firewall”.

Out of My Skin

The Kairė-Dešinė gallery of Vilnius Graphic Art Centre hosts ‘Out of My Skin’, an exhibition of works by Živilė Minkutė. In her installation, Živilė Minkutė probes the body as an inevitability, a network of one’s relationships with others, the environment, and oneself. The latter tends to be the most complicated,…

Self-support group

Light menthol smoke has twined round the drawings, climbing through the geometrical structures until it reached the ceiling. Some thought it was much easier to linger than stand, as the balance organs had to be switched off here – those were the rules. Brushing the openwork with wire, melting the …