NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Art Cells

Vilnius Academy of Arts annual Bachelor and Master graduates exhibition “Art Cells” .

“Mortality check”

Filmmaker Mary Marinopoulou visualizes the script of her new series Mortality check by selecting artworks of diverse artists closely related to Lithuania. The fictional world of Mortality check becomes a physical world.“Films and dreams are the best means to project existing worlds and construct possible worlds”, says Mary, the curator, who designs an immersive environment that …

“Do the Right Thing” Vilnius Academy of Arts’ doctoral students exhibition

This year the annual exhibition of Vilnius Academy of Arts’ doctoral students has grown into an expanded project. In an intellectual provocation, the project’s guest curator Dr Marquard Smith, Professor of Artistic Research at VAA, suggested that the project should commemorate the 30 th anniversary of Spike Lee’s 1989 film …