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Demarkation: RÁJÁGEASSIN

SÁMI CONTEMPORARY ART AND ACTIVISM Niillas Holmberg, Jenni Laiti, Outi Pieski, Jonne Sippola, Suohpanterror, Häiriköt-päämaja & Jari Tamminen Text in Sámi below. DemarkationMore than a century ago, when newly independent Finland was still finding its place and a way to exist, policies were laid down that still affect the status of the Sámi …

Eveliina Hämäläinen. PATH

Eveliina Hämäläinen is interested in seeing and in the types of immediate experience that can be generated with the gaze alone. In her new exhibition, Path, she has been inspired by her own nocturnal wanderings and by the impressions she has gathered along the way. In a series of large, dark oil…

Tiina Raitanen. Hard

Tiina Raitanen's exhibition "Hard" starts her autumn season there. The exhibition features enigmatic sculptures that address issues of man, work, existential struggle, and self-fulfillment.