NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Liquid spring exhibition

Gallery Metropol 6m2 is pleased to announce that we are opening the doors again!

Erik Alalooga „Ringkäendus“

„RINGKÄENDUS“ is an interactive installation where participation of audience is unnessecary. It is even impossible. All interaction will been taken care by machines themselves, triggering each other. Five robust sound-machines are able to handle whole system. Human´s role will be reduced to passive observer.Erik Alalooga is a performance director, performer, …

Ksenia Sulaeva “The great male renunciation”

The exhibition presents paintings and installations, the general theme of which is the problem of the material world in the life of a modern person, in which things replace spiritual values, and the imposed standards of beauty and the cult of the ideal body represent a new faith.Ksenia Sulaeva is …

Exhibition “Jews in Metropol” by Ekaterina Bykova and Evgeny Umansky

The exhibition presents autonomous projects of artists created at different times but united in the Metropol gallery by one theme. The photo installation of Evgeny Umansky and the object-album-photobook of Ekaterina Bykova are literally not about Jews, but rather about the artistic view of these people. The viewer will not …

Arne Maasik’s “Architectonics. 600 m2 vs 6 m2” at gallery Metropol

Disintegrating factory buildings and houses under heritage protection are often situated on no-man’s-land, they are symbols of the industrial revolution and our architectural heritage that are now just surviving in a contemporary building boom. This kind of noisy background makes the series titled Architectonics like a time lapse moment of…