NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

In Visible Parts

Larsen Warner is pleased to present Disa Rytt’s In Visible Parts, her first solo exhibition at the gallery. For nearly a decade Rytt (b. 1984, Sweden) has explored how the fundamental elements of painting; canvas, frame and pigment, interact with their surroundings and affect our perception of them. The artists…

A body apart

A body apart - Martha Edelheit / Ryan Mosley / Anne Ryan / Rose Wylie

Irresistible Climb (Ladder Series)

Over a sixty-year career, Basil Beattie has remained part of a milieu of British artists whose works continue the legacy of Abstract Expressionism. Beattie was a pioneer of a new approach to painting in post-war Britain, having been significantly influenced by The New American Painting show at the Tate in…

Verses in Time

Everything you need to know about them is right there, humming on the surface: trippy, funny and melancholy, these are virtuoso hallucinations in a high-keyed palette…Mosley’s canvases are populated by merry turncoats, bewildered mystics and mournful minstrels, all coming or going or mutating into something or someone else…Many of them…