NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Linda Hofvander ”The Space of Things”

Linda Hofvander’s new colour photographs show textiles in various shapes, stretched flat and pinned against a white wall. Each image is almost filled by a slightly worn, brightly coloured, but faded cloth with a 70’s or early 80’s feel: yellow, red, pink, green, blue and a light baby blue. Each…

Kristina Matousch, You Take My Breath Away, performance, site-specific installation

Cecilia Hillstrom Gallery is pleased to invite you to Kristina Matousch’s solo exhibition, You Take My Breath Away, featuring a sculptural installation, performance and objects. In her second show at the gallery, Matousch continues to investigate the relationship between the body, the space and the viewer.

Sonja Larsson Resonance

We are thrilled to present Sonja Larsson’s third solo exhibition at the gallery, which is also her largest gallery show to date. In the exhibition Resonance, which encompasses a series of new paintings on canvas, communication with the viewer is key. Resonance refers to the intensification or enriching of a …