NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Mihkel Ilus & Paul Kuimet. Endless Story

Curator: Siim PreimanTexts: Siim Preiman Exhibition team: Siim Preiman, Sirli OotGraphic design: Indrek Sirkel, Ott KagovereInstallation: Valge KuupTechnical help: Carl-Robert Kagge, Johan Huimerind, Henri Piiroja, Koit Randmäe, Ranno Ait, Sven Erik RajuTranslations: Epp Aareleid, Avatar, Viipekeeletõlkide OÜEditing: Helve HennostePublic programme: Annely Köster, Minni Moyle, Sally Stuudio; Darja NikitinaSupporters: Estonian Ministry of Culture, …

Mall Paris and Edith Karlson’s exhibition ‘Sisters’

Sisters can be smart, mean, and sharp, as depicted by Edith Karlson’s giant snake installation at a current exhibition in KUMU. At the Tallinn Art Hall Gallery, however, Mall Paris and Edith Karlson prove that there is another side to the coin. The exhibition is about sisters in their best…

Vello Vinn. ∞ & ○

An overview exhibition of the graphic art of Vello Vinn titled ‘∞ & ○’ (read: infinity and circle) gives an outline of the artist’s more than a half-century long career. The thematic core of the exhibition is the developmental trajectory of one of the most innovative post-war Estonian graphic artists, starting…

Kate Lyddon and Angela Maasalu. Throbwerk

Kate Lyddon and Angela Maasalu’s “Throbwerk” is an exhibition that is simultaneously physical, reacting to strong emotions, and loud, almost screaming. It is painful, funny, poetic and cruel and points to one possible way of being artist nowadays.

Britta Benno. Dystopic Tallinn

The future has arrived. The end of the world is over. The human race is finished. And the flora and fauna on the uninhabited globe has been able to start freely proliferating again. Only a fragment of a blink of history’s eye remains, which conceals within itself the lives and …

Noora Nio-Juss. Covered

“Is it possible to take cover in a society where anonymity no longer exists and our insides are laid bare for all to see?” asks Finnish artist Noora Nio-JussNoora Nio-Juss currently resides and works in her hometown, Helsinki. She began her academic path in Tallinn, where she acquired a bachelor’s …