NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Being together gives us strength and confidence, with daily life being no exception. We work together to make the time at the school valuable, intense, saturated, and full of memories for everyone. Staying together is also possible when graduates embark on their own creative journeys. The school is the place that creates this feeling of support and togetherness, whether you are still studying or graduated many years ago.

This exhibition brings together students and their teachers.

It is a collection of ceramic works made over the last five years by the youngest generation of Latvian potters, representing what they can do and what is important to them.

„What will change, will survive!”*

The Ceramics Department of the Vocational Education Competence Centre “Riga School of Design and Art” will soon turn 90. The old school building at Lāčplēša iela 55, where the pottery workshops are located, creates a special environment where talented and enthusiastic young people successfully bring their creative ideas to life and fill their lives with creativity, events, and discoveries.

Our goal is to develop students’ understanding of design as a process; the way things are created from the concept sketch to the finished product, teaching them to implement their ideas by using various technical and technological solutions, as well as different materials, not limiting them just to ceramics.

We are characterised by ambitious future plans, an interesting and fulfilled present, and ancient history rich with traditions. Crockery, ceramics in architecture, interior, and environment, form design, opportunities to participate in creative workshops and international projects, as well as in various ceramic events and exhibitions.

It feels wonderful to be able to turn your idea into reality by yourself, the way you want it to be, if you know how to work with the material and what you want to express with your work, using all the opportunities offered by the school!

*Rainis „The Golden Horse”

Exhibition participants:

Linards Grosfogels (2021), Emīlija Lūse (2021), Ilze Luksa (2021), Katrīna Morozova (2021), Krista Žozefīne Pešika (2021), Luīze Sakne  (2021), Taīsa Babāne (2021), Rūta Kurpniece (2021), Rita Pranča (2021), Arīna Salata (2021), Gita Straustiņa (2021), Alise Zvaigzne (2021), Dace Zvaigzne (2021), Elīza Jaunzeme (2020), Oļegs Latiševs (2020), Nadīna Mennika-Ozoliņa (2020), Elza Jenzena (2020), Alīna Ļevčenko (2020), Pavla Tokare (2020), Ilona Lībeka-Babre (2019), Beatrise Kaktiņa (2019), Alise Kalvāne (2019), Laima Lauriņa (2019), Dace Rozentāle (2019), Ance Bruņeniece (2018), Sintija Cēberga (2018), Viktorija Galkina (2018), Aleksandrs Kašs (2018), Harijs Pauls Lukševics (2018), Madara Dūka (2017), Rūta  Patmalniece (2017), Astra Šēnberga (2017), Agate Klieka (2016), Lāsma Pokšāne (2016), Elda Jalda Ahmada (2015), Katrīna Šatalova (2015)  


Esmeralda Purvišķe, Irēna Vipule, Daina Zvanītāja, Ainārs Rimicāns, Inese Pētersone

Gallery name: Daugavpils Mark Rothko Art Centre

Address: Mihaila street 3, Daugavpils

Opening hours: Tue, Sun 11:00 - 17:00, Wed-Sat 11:00 - 19:00

Open: 19.06.2021 - 18.07.2021