NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

All the walls in Grafill R21 have been used to showcase the winning work in Visual 2020, come and see the best of graphic design, illustration, moving image and digital design! Visual is Norway’s largest design and illustration competition, which each year selects outstanding visual communication. The world is becoming more and more visual, never before has so much been communicated visually in so many areas, the Visual Award therefore has an important mandate, to make visible all our talented illustrators and designers.

The visual exhibition is a celebration of both the winners and the entire Norwegian professional, creative industry. The exhibition presents a whole range of different communication solutions within many segments; illustrated products, visual profiles and identities, editorial design, posters, writing, environmental design, packaging design, advertising campaigns, illustration and design in books, newspapers and magazines, visual effects in film and advertising, digital services and applications, data visualization and information films, website solutions, vignettes , music videos, animated films, student work and a lot more.

The exhibition also shows works by this year’s Classic Prize winner John Engen. This honorary award is presented by the main board of Grafill, and goes to an athlete who has maintained high professional quality and been of great importance to his subject for many years.

Come and see the best of Norwegian visual communication!


Gallery name: Grafill R21

Address: ROSENKRANTZ GATE 21, Oslo

Open: 19.06.2020 - 30.08.2020