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Spencer Finch exhibition ''The Enigma Of Color'' is open now at Galerie Nordenshake

In Spencer Finch’s exhibition color acts as a pivot point and trajectory which conjures and crystallizes the bond between outer phenomena and inner movements as well as the physiological aspects of perception and the intimately subjective experience. The new works in watercolor, painting and light are driven by Finch’s desire for exploration and representation, while at the same time confirming color as a magnificent riddle. Due to its elusiveness, interdependence and subjectivity, color remains an unfathomable phenomenon, and this is exactly what becomes palpable in the works as part of its beauty.

On view as a point of departure for the exhibition is a significant work from 2015. “Back to Kanas” takes us on an unusual cinematic journey and invites the viewer to experience at dusk how the 70 color fields of the print fade to gray. The shift begins with the short wavelength blues and ends with longer wavelength reds which are last to disappear. Physiologically this is the moment when the cone cells in the eye’s retina stop being stimulated and the more sensitive rod cells take over. The colors in the print are based on Technicolor scenes from “The Wizard of Oz”, representing the colorful life in Oz such as Dorothy’s ruby slippers and the Emerald City, which stands in stark contrast to the black and white monotonous farm life in Kansas. The process of going “Back to Kansas” takes about 35 minutes.

Autumn Haiku (sunset through pear tree), 2021, fluorescent lights, fixtures and filters, overall dimensions 122 x 40.7 x 5 cm

Gallery name: Galerie Nordenshake

Address: Hudiksvallsgatan 8, Stockholm

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11:00 - 18:00

Open: 19.03.2021 - 24.04.2021