NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Exhibition of Estonian Textile Artists’ Union

During the last two years textile artists have been searching answers to questions if and why do we need any rules or rituals.
Do we need regulation and order, structures, restrictions, common rules or rules that fix exceptions? What about my freedom? Does it not consist of rules of my own? The artists have found various ways to answer or antagonise these questions, to ponder on these themes or to ask new questions. The exhibition is a meeting place for works that test the traditions and boundaries of textile art, from interwoven blankets and painted textiles to sculptural forms.

At the opening of the exhibition the laureates of the Annual Award of the Estonian Textile Artists’ Union will be announced.
The jury – Kai Lobjakas (art historian director of Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design and curator of design collection), Helen Adamson (art historian, curator of textile collection of Estonian Museum of Applied Arts and Design, Karin Paulus (design critic), Terje Luure (interior architect), Elin Kard (Vice President of Estonian Artists’ Union, galerii galerist of Hobusepea and Draakoni Galleries ), Mare Kelpman (textile designer, Textile Artist of the Year of 2017) and Heleri Alexandra Sits (textile designer, the Young Textile Artist of the Year 2017) – chose the best artists in three categories.


Gallery name: The Museum of New Art

Address: Esplanaadi 10, Pärnu

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 09:00 - 17:00

Open: 28.04.2019 - 02.06.2019