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Elena Balsiukaitė–Brazdžiūnienė solo exhibition “Oxymoron Trap” represents artworks of recent four years. According to the author – at the beginning it is always the word – that‘s how thoughts and ideas emerge. Being not too verbose in life, in her paintings she lets this stream of thoughts free and observes – how word turns into image. Drawing is never an illustration of the phrase, just derives inspiration from it. At this spot of transmutation, an oxymoron point Elena Balsiukaitė is awaiting for the beginning. Contradictions collides – and this is where she commences. Being jammed in a state of ambivalence is a trap – paradoxically it knocks out – the need to untangle raises. The word “oxymoron” at its origins is an oxymoron (gr. – oksús“sharp, keen, pointed” and mōros “dull, stupid, foolish” –  “sharp-dull”, “keenly stupid”, or “pointedly foolish”) and it allows to define or solve inexplicable situations. Artist is surfing on the canvas – tracing the meanings, looking for a solution. She notices and captures the flow of a consciousness where ruptures, obstacles, and repetitions becomes signs leading to resolution. In her drawings she refuses rational composition allowing images to stream freely over the surface of the canvas – in this boundless space stories and meanings to stretch in a vibrating line – wander, overlap, collide. In her expressive paintings narratives fall on each other like a colour layers and grapple until one emerges on the surface like a drawing or inscription. Until it thickens and concentrates into single object, one word. Becomes a statement, which catches the eye of the spectator and swamps it back with itself – to the depth.   


Project is supported by the Lithuanian Council for Culture and Lithuanian Artists’ Association.

Gallery name: Meno Parkas Gallery

Address: Rotušės a. 27, Kaunas

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11:00 - 18:30, Sat 11:00 - 16:00

Open: 11.06.2020 - 05.07.2020