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In Ascension, Nicole Rafiki explores how war, forced migration and exclusion affect identity. Ascension, which means ascension in Norwegian, is about Nicole Rafiki’s personal and artistic development. She explores how war, forced migration and exclusion have helped to “create” her identity as a woman and artist.

A central theme in this exhibition is Rafiki’s experience of the survivor’s guilt. According to a report from the Norwegian Directorate of Health, refugees as a group are more exposed to developing mental health problems long after the threat is over. Children of refugees are a particularly vulnerable group.

– I believe that it is both important and useful to have an open dialogue about art as therapy for refugees and others with mental health challenges. For migrants who have experienced overwhelming experiences, apathy, anger, violence, depression, self-harm or other negative behavior can become a pattern of reaction. For me, it was a conscious strategy to address the fight for healthy mental health through this process that ended with an exhibition. For others, 1 drawing that is never shown to anyone may be enough, says Nicole. The exhibition consists of self-portraits taken in 5 different countries. The exhibition opens on Thursday 6 August at 18.


Gallery name: Fotografiens Hus

Address: Rådhusgata 20, Oslo

Opening hours: Thu-Sun 12:00 - 16:00

Open: 06.08.2020 - 30.08.2020