NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

The exhibition is a fiction that starts a dialogue with the everyday reality, a poetic and aesthetic narrative that senses the future. The approach is speculative, with multiple interpretations, no clear definitions and an open ending.

The aim of the exhibition is the poetic analysis of the human nature and the possibilities of humanity while facing an indefinite future. It is based on a fictitious situation mirroring reality that forces us to gradually withdraw from our existing values and imperceptible accept new norms. The dissonance in the system, an unexpected error or a dislocation has changed the balance of the world both physically and mentally. This has resulted in the collapse of the usual self-evident status quo. It appears, that the dominance of humans that is characteristic of the Anthropocene is surprisingly easy to upset as a result of this offset in balance.

The unwelcome circumstances have been the basis of inconceivable situations and unprecedented combinations. Previously unheard of possibilities become the new reality. The imagination of nature is boiling over and we are overcome by our incapability to unambiguously communicate the new sensations. Dreams, fears and realities intersect. Resistance and endurance are transformed in the new environment. The structure of the ecosystem changes, the hierarchies are reshaped, symbionts and parasites exchange their roles. New beginnings are taking root. The paradisical idea of equality is a fatal utopia.

Mihkel Maripuu’s (b 1987) oeuvre is characterised by a multidisciplinary practice involving various media and containing a physical and aural platform besides the visual one. He works with the nature of post-internet in contemporary art, neo-materialism and other subcultural phenomena and unique qualities of the digital era that have influenced the development of the contemporary visual language. He dissects the distinct attributes of technology and organics and the principles of their shared existence. Mihkel Maripuu has graduated from the Painting Department of the University of Tartu (BA) and the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Estonian Academy of Arts (MA).

Laivi (b 1988) is an artist who expresses herself through various treatments of fashion. Her oeuvre is characterised by a material-based and experimental approach to textiles and clothing. Laivi analysis ways of dressing in general through visual-aesthetic, functional and expressive levels. The central themes of her works are lust, yearning, repetition and addiction. Laivi has graduated from the Fashion Design Departments of the Estonian Academy of Arts (BA) and the Aalto University in Helsinki (MA). She has supplemented her studies in London, Copenhagen and Barcelona. In 2016, she had a solo exhibition in the Tartu Art Museum.

The exhibition is supported by the Cultural Endowment of Estonia, its graphic design is by Henri Kutsar.

Gallery name: Tartu Art House

Address: Vanemuise 26, Tartu

Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 12:00 - 18:00

Open: 26.09.2020 - 18.10.2020