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¨Jesper Nyrén (b. 1979) bases his paintings on nature studies. He resides on an island north of Stockholm, where he gathers materials, studies colors, takes photographs, and jots down notes to serve as raw material for his art, including detailed studies of everything from moss and stones to the shifting quality of the light at different times of day. Nyrén strives to vividly capture the precise nuances of light at specific times in specific places, convincingly rendering the elemental contrasts of the landscape – sky, sea and earth. Weaving together found materials and fleeting personal impressions, his paintings are not faithfully copied landscapes, but a synergistic abstraction of whimsy and real, perceived impression of reality.

Nyrén’s works consist of stacked blocks. He treats each block as its own self-contained monochrome entity, merging with others in a painterly patchwork. Each block is painted differently. Nyrén not only uses a variety of different binding agents and pigments, but he also experiments with a wide array of painterly techniques. Each block is a document of particular rhythmic and content-related observations, all supporting each other as part of a single image in which the artist captures the living presence of the landscape and play of light. The varied sizes, shades and painting techniques of the different blocks come together as a balanced composition, evoking an illusion of movement and spatiality. Nyrén’s paintings symbiotically combine chance and intuition with control and systematic planning.

Jesper Nyrén graduated from Stockholm’s Royal Institute of Art in 2007. He has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Sweden and Norway, and he has been granted prestigious awards such as the Marabouparkens P.A.N.K award in 2008 and the Baertling Scholarship in 2015. Nyrén has been commissioned to produce several public installations in Sweden.

Gallery name: Galerie Forsblom Helsinki

Address: Yrjönkatu 22, Helsinki

Opening hours: Tue-Fri 11:00 - 18:00, Sat-Sun 12:00 - 16:00

Open: 05.03.2021 - 04.04.2021