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Mick Rock (us) , Richard Dumas (fr), Rocky Schenck (us), and Jan Walaker (no) - Fragile.

Welcome to the opening of FRAGILE with Mick Rock, Richard Dumas, Rocky Schenck, Jan Walaker, Thursday June 11th from 6pm to 9pm in Fridtjof Nansens plass 6, next to the City Hall.

The COVID- 19 pandemic has reminded us of our weaknesses and our helplessness towards the more massive play by nature. It has indeed pulled us back to the forgotten-realisation of our minuscule and microscopic worth on the planet.

Fragile, the exhibition, brings together four artists from a varied background, examining the humane attributes, tangible and intangible, abstracted surreal and repetitiveness of earthly cycle. Though the word faces is temporal, it has been pivotal in altering the directions. Within two months, robust and mighty economies, which pose as strengthening pillars, have come down crushing with a presence of a fatal virus. Interrogating further, we doubt whether technology has
betrayed us? Are we living in fear of being exiled? What is this dire situation that had gripped us so tight; so, is this an act of retribution?

Presenting internationally acclaimed artists,
Mick Rock (us) , Richard Dumas (fr), Rocky Schenck (us), and Jan Walaker (no), has come together with a common thought of abstracting the fragility and acknowledging its character. Through photographs and sculptures, the artists are redefining the subjects of glamour, sophistication, abundance, frivolity, geological generosity, fame and the value of biodiverse culture trapped in the delicate grim-face of the present situation.

It brings us to the door of further query: Is this for real? Will we sustain this time? How will this alluring-fame please me in this pandemic? And, the answer pops right there through same answers, which have confused our path. There is a fragility to a pandemic, too!

The show acts as a testimonial to the positive approach during precarious conditions of ecology. Through the sophisticated portrait-photographs by Mick Rock, unusually provocative pictures by Richard Dumas, surreal landscapes and hazy surfaces by Rocky Schenck and material consciousness depicted in fragile sculptures by Jan Walaker, these exhibits interlink the questions regarding human ethics and volatile state.

‘Fragile’ will be held at TM51 gallery, Oslo, from 11 June to 16 Aug 2020 in both Parkveien 5 and in Fridtjof Nansens plass 6.

Exhibition opening: Thursday June 11th from 6pm to 9pm in Fridtjof Nansens plass 6, next to the City Hall.

Exhibition spaces: TM51 Window Gallery (Fridtjof Nansens plass 6) og TM51 Infill (Parkveien 5)

Exhibition period:
January 30th. 2020 at 18.00, Fridtjof Nansens plass 6

Gallery name: Galleri TM51

Address: Thorvald Meyers gate 51, Oslo

Opening hours: Wed-Sun 12:00 - 16:00

Open: 11.06.2020 - 16.08.2020