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From 12 until 14 September Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art (LCCA) will participate in interdisciplinary, international festival "Today is Our Tomorrow" in Finland, Helsinki.

Curators Solvita Krese and Inga Lāce have included works of Skuja Braden (“XOXO” and “Medusa’s speculum”) in the wide programme of the festival. “Today Is Our Tomorrow”, organized by art centre PUBLICS, is a collaborative, collective, and transdisciplinary festival – a coming together of affinities, alliances and differences. The festival presents in microcosm, alter-futures being enacted, lived and represented as current socio-cultural and artistic practices based in Finland and globally. Collaborative methodology and consultation aims to represent an ecology and diversity of thought and experience.

Skuja Braden (since 1999) ir binational, same-sex collaboration tandem and is based in Aizkraukle. The tandem of women artists creates parallel worlds in their works – in the works bodies are made of porcelain, fire springs from the ocean and lips touches lips, giving cold water from their depths. Within the works of Skuja Braden one can find fighting feminism, political comments and a little bit of Buddhism.  In the ceramic studio in Aizkraukle works are made which travels to the exhibitions all over the world.

The cooperation between LCCA and “Today is Our Tomorrow”  is possible because of funding of Baltic Culture Fund. Latvia will continue to participate in the festival also in September of 2020, when as a result of cooperation between LCCA, Nida Art Colony and Narva Art Residency various artists will represent Baltic States in the festival.



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