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I had theme music composed for me. My music is a spell to break the patriarchal curse.

(reprise) is a conceptual artwork and an installation. The work is a pastiche that plays with the absurd gap between reality and fantasy. The most iconic theme songs crystallize the essence of a TV show, a movie or an animation. A character may also have their own music. The song is immediately recognizable and creates the right kind of atmosphere for the viewer. It happens over and over again.

My work is about demanding one’s own identity and agency in a heteronormative society. Music does not have a gender or a body. The sound comes from the character and creates a protective aura around itself. The music starts as the main character goes on stage.

The music for the work was created by sound artist Hannu Seppälä.
The exhibition has been supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and Greta och Alfred Runebergs Stiftelse.

Eero Yrjölä (b. 1990) is a Helsinki-based, non-binary visual artist. In Yrjölä’s art, the themes of gender, sexuality and growth are intertwined with the questions of power and body. The artist works with various artforms, especially installations and contemporary sculpture. Yrjölä is a member of MUU ry and the Helsinki Artists’ Association and earned a Master of Arts degree from the Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

The sister work of the (reprise) exhibition, Audrey’s dance, was seen at the Kiasma Theatre as part of the URB 19: Queer Art Night event in 2019. Both works were inspired by the iconic TV show Twin Peaks. The sound art for the work was created by Miro Mantere, and it was built around a method and concept developed by Mantere and Teemu Päivinen.


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