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The international artists’ joint exhibition ‘Edge to Edge’ at the Fahle Gallery. The exhibition will feature a great variety of artists, just as the name says, from edge to edge - from sunny California and world-famous names like Andy Warhol and Jean Michel Basquiat to our beloved Estonian artists.

In addition to the Fahle Gallery, the works of the exhibition ‘Edge to Edge’ will be presented at the Tartu Art House as part of the Tartu Graphic Festival during 22.07. – 18.08. and in Pärnu at the IN Graphics Festival.

The exhibition has been compiled and brought to Estonia by The Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA) and premiered earlier this spring in Los Angeles.

“The main focus of this exhibition is on graphics, but we want to shift the boundaries at every level and exhibit, as well as create art in different forms – in addition to visual art, we also want to reach the audience through other senses. This art exhibition is, in every sense, edge-to-edge, bringing together artists from opposite ends of the world and making their diverse creations sound like a unified but also a very thrilling masterpiece,” as described by Jüri Koll, ViCA\’s director, and co-curator.

Artists participating in the exhibition:Sonja Schenk, Jean Michel Basquiat, MB Boissonnault, Andy Warhol, Bradford J. Salamon, Pablo Llana, Juri Koll, Ave PIldas, David Valera, Fatemeh Burnes, Robert Nelson, Gloriane Harris, George Koll, Lawrie Margrave, Barbara Kolo, Josh Bagel Klassman, Stu Rapeport, Bob Branaman, Reginald Van Langenhove, Adrian White, Ray Carofano, Sulamit Elizondo, Jeanne Dunn, Nizaac ‘Vallejo, Michael Arata, Sandy Shimooka, Tanner Goldbeck, Paola Pineda, Bryan & Ryan, Jeffrey Sklan, Tarrvi Laamann, Toomas Kuusing, Al Paldrok / Anonymous Boh, Taje Tross, Tõnis Laanemaa, Peeter Allik, Leonhard Lapin and Raul Meel.

Further information: Venice Institute of Contemporary Art (ViCA): Jüri Koll +1 310-957-7037 or,


Gallery name: Bohemian Galleries

Address: Tartu mnt 84a., Tallinn

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 10:00 - 17:00, Fri 10:00 - 16:00

Open: 27.07.2019 - 31.08.2019