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At three locations on the ground floor and in the restaurant, a selection of the photographs Bruno Ehrs made for the book Nationalmuseum in a new light are exhibited. The book was published before the reopening of the museum in the autumn of 2018. The photographs were taken in the spring of 2018 a couple of months before the museum reopened to the public.

Bruno Ehrs: “Walking alone through all the quiet empty galleries, not yet filled with paintings and sculpture, with the camera in one hand and the tripod in the other, was a deeply touching experience. Perhaps the impression was strongest when the late, soft afternoon light broke in and charged the rooms with an atmosphere reminiscent of the enigmatic interiors of the Danish painter Vilhelm Hammershøi.”

Bruno Ehrs has been one of Sweden’s leading photographers for decades. He has worked with both his own projects and commissions and has published about a handful his own books. Bruno Ehrs does have a great interest in photo history and among the published works are several with a photo-historical emphasis. Over the years, Bruno Ehrs’ work has been exhibited in a number of solo shows in Sweden and internationally. The Nationalmuseums’ collections contain several of his well-known portraits.

Discover more photographs and the history of the museum, from the founding and on through its early development and the changes of the 20th century, in the book Nationalmuseum in a New Light. Order it from national museum of Stockholm online bookshop.

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