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Meno Niša invites you to Audra Vau’s personal exhibition of photographs, sculptures, light installations, and video works, titled Nowhere. In the exhibition, the artist will present an almost autobiographical abstraction, which will reflect her experiences broadcast through works of art.

The interdisciplinary artist Audra Vau began her career as a photographer, and in 2000 she entered the world of contemporary art as a video artist. The artist creates and works not only in Lithuania but also across Europe. She is a film producer, art director and actress, one of the founders of the She Lives film festival in London.

Audra Vau has hosted exhibitions at prestigious galleries such as Christine König, Max Lust (Austria). In 2015, her work was presented in a group exhibition curated by the Lewben art Foundation during the Venice Biennale. In Lithuania, in 2013, her work was shown at the Contemporary Art Center, Jonas Mekas Visual Arts Center. However, in recent years, Audra Vau’s work has been shown only in fragments in group exhibitions, video installations have also been presented at art fairs ArtVilnius and ArtVerona (Italy).

According to Sonata Baliuckaitė, the curator of the Meno Niša gallery, Audra Vau’s exhibition Nowhere was planned to open last year but had to be postponed due to the pandemic. And although the concept of the exhibition was clear from the very beginning, the content itself was constantly changing as the artist responded to environmental changes, trying and discovering new techniques.

“Audra Vau reflects the environment very empathetically and sensitively, her work is full of people’s emotions, relationships, minimalist, atmospheric creations. And although for many she is better known as a photographer, her video work and installation objects are no less relevant,” said the exhibition curator Sonata Baliuckaitė, adding that recently Audra also presented video portraits of Meno Niša artists, avoiding formality by using her artistic expression featuring a number of European film greats, such as quotes from Peter Greenaway, and an emphasis on the individuality of the artists.

In her third solo exhibition, Nowhere, Audra Vau will present an almost autobiographical abstraction consisting of photographs, installations, and objects. According to the artist herself, the title of the exhibition, Nowhere, is about the feeling when someone or something leaves and is no longer anywhere. “An era like the Soviet era, when I was born, that country no longer

exists; a person leaves and he is nowhere to be found; the world and the people as they were before the pandemic will never be the same again,” says Audra Vau, emphasizing that in the exhibition she is not talking about negativity or loss, but about the poetry of feelings, sensations, as if a state of weightlessness when you are only with yourself.

“I am most attracted and excited by things that cannot be controlled by any system, norms, or rules,” said Audra Vau, inviting everyone to visit the exhibition between 8 and 30 of April. The project of Audra Vau’s exhibition is financed by the Lithuanian Council for Culture, the sponsor of the gallery Meno Niša – Vilnius City Municipality.

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