NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

In the first series, photographer Agnė Gintalaitė documented a series of some 200 Lithuanian garage doors painted and weathered by the elements and time on the outskirts of Vilnius that look like Mark Rothko paintings left out in the rain, each its own stunning work of abstract art. Her impulse to document the doors was both to capture their ephemeral aesthetic as well as a nod to the garages’ owners, who she described as most likely elderly and of modest means, relics of a bygone era standing their ground “in an urban landscape on which big businesses increasingly make claim.”

Meanwhile, in the series Without Perspective, the photographer researches Soviet dormitory suburbs. Capturing an object with a drone, she keeps the perspective unchanged, while it helps to disassociate her works with the context, as in the first series. Along with these series, the works consist of blurry portraits. “Maybe it’s the suburbs’ residents? Grey, without any clear features, in other words without perspective. Or maybe it’s another object for this contemplative research of dormitory suburbs?” the artist asks.

Gallery name: Vilnius Photography Gallery

Address: Stiklių str. 4 / Didžioji str. 19, Vilnius

Open: 30.07.2019 - 31.08.2019