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Over the past four years, the Danish politician Uffe Elbæk has received personal greetings from the American president, Donald Trump, several times a week – sometimes even several times a day. They came in the form of e-mails from Trump, his family, or top political staff. Uffe Elbæk never discovered how exactly he ended up on Trump’s list of e-mail recipients, but he nevertheless began to read them because their content is so very different from our way of communicating politically in Denmark.

In the thousands of e-mails, Uffe Elbæk has, over the years, been invited to attend particularly important public events where the president was speaking. He has even been promised a place of honour right up front, close to the stage – if he would be so kind as to donate a sum in support of the Trump campaign.

Once or twice, Elbæk even received a personal invitation to attend a private dinner at the presidential resort in Florida. In addition to this, there were endless offers of buying unique Trump T-shirts, caps, and coffee mugs. Via the continuous flow of e-mails, Elbæk was able to follow Trump’s relationship with his political adversaries, the media, and with China – a relationship characterised by fierce criticism, nicknames, the disclosure of stories which the president wrote off as fake news.

Over the next couple of months, you will be able to read a selection of the innumerable e-mails in CC’s foyer and explore Trump’s campaign communication.

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