NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Woman 14, 2014


Oil on canvas

Painting from the series “21 women, whom I haven’t slept with”.


Everything is one and one is everything

The image of the woman on canvas (on the instrument) becomes a symbol and gains a new meaning.

Artist tried to capture the body of the women again and again, constantly distinguishing from other paintings.

„We can not enter the same river twice – everything flows“ (Heraclitus)


2016 / Women, whom I haven’t slept with, Naiiv bar in Tartu.

2014 / Women, whom I haven’t slept with, Art gallery Backbone in Tartu.

2014 / Graduation exhibition of painting students, Art House Tartu.

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58°22'40.54”N 26°43'44.88”E  
59°34'58.18"N 26°14'27.59"E  
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Landscape of mediation 5  
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Mixed media

Where is your red line?