NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Wir alle sind seine Mörder!, 2022

320 x 60 cm


Installation/performance Wir alle sind seine Mörder! (We all are his murerers!) is a quote that Nietzsche said when talking about the death of God. There was a big table with the painting of the quote togerther with performance, where a topless girl with a tattoo under his breasts “I was born to love art” was serving champagne to the visitors as a symbol of celebration of getting rid of fake moral standarts, humility, judgement and self-devalvation of the spirit and power of the human being. Instead of unnatural standarts in religion I encouraged to celebrate the power of the spirit and human itself, creativity and death of God with me. This work was also a reference to ideas of decadence that was the main topic in the festival Riga Photomonth that I was curating.

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