NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Who Covers the Aspen Leaves, 2018

200 x 500 cm

Copper plates, ceramic, painted steel tubes

The artist´s comment on the artwork:

“I tend to work with traditional materials, such as wood and ceramics. This spring I have also worked with different metals, which has been a new experience for me.

I like to locate myself at the more traditional end of sculpture. I believe that a work’s authenticity and its own language, or aura, can be found in the work even today.

My works in Kuvan Kevät combine sculptural elements with picturesqueness. These pieces reflect the present moment, the diversity that is disappearing as we speak. I have artificially reworked the surface of my materials in order for chance to have an effect on the end result. I suppose that in hindsight I might as well quote a song and say: “What a beautiful mistake”.”