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Walking in Heterotopia, 2017

210 x 110 cm

Canvas, the gun

In this project author analyses, what does heterotopia (different space) means for her. This idea came after one year experience living near Bodensee lake (which is between Germany, Austria and Switzerland). In this area she had to cross many archaic, different context having places, which Vingraitė later called heterotopias. She needed to cross those areas in order to reach most necessary objects. While walking in those areas, a certain feeling did appear – a feeling that is so strong, kind of erupting or burning. This feeling is depicted in a corridor installation (made from shooted canvases), which for the author becomes a temporary heterotopia.

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Gabriele Vingraite. 2017. 58×88 cm. Digital print

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Walking in Heterotopia  
58 x 88 cm