NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Voyage I, 2021

By Riina Varol
99 x 70 cm

Voyage is a series of spatia mixed media photo collages by Riina Varol, which seeks connection with the real through different levels, textures and abstract forms.

The properties of different surfaces and environments are visible and imaginable, but out of reach. The works stimulate auditory, olfactory and tactile sensations and the formation of personal memories. The elongated circle depicted throughout the series creates a connection between the different dimensions, representing both the human pursuit of perfection and intimacy and also distancing from it. The point of contact between idea and matter seems surreal in a familiar way, with symbols becoming caricatures on a journey that is adventurous, desirous and somewhat self-ironic.

The journey is adventurous, desirous and slightly self-ironic.

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