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Riina Varol

Riina Varol

Artist's country of origin: Estonia

Riina Varol (b. 1979) is an Estonian artist/photographer working in the field of fashion, portraiture and commerce. Varol concentrates her creative approach on issues of sensorial perception, the functions of the unconscious, as well as animism and eastern philosophy. Her work involves a range of media including site specific multimedia installations, photography, video, sound, tactility and smell.

Varol has studied photography in Pallas University of Applied Science and in the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

She has participated in exhibitions in Estonia, Finland, Netherlands, France, Italy, Lithuania, Ukraine, Australia, Germany and elsewhere.

Her works have been published in numerous publications over the world.

Riina Varol is a member of Estonian Artists’ Association


Convent by Riina Varol
70 x 50 cm
VOYAGE V by Riina Varol
73 x 51 cm
VOYAGE IV by Riina Varol
73 x 51 cm
Voyage I by Riina Varol
Voyage I  
99 x 70 cm
The time of flowering is now I by Riina Varol
The time of flowering is now I  
75 x 50 cm


Backtrack I by Riina Varol
Backtrack I  
80 x 60 cm
Backtrack II by Riina Varol
Backtrack II  
80 x 60 cm
Backtrack III by Riina Varol
Backtrack III  
80 x 65 cm
Three Wishes I by Riina Varol
Three Wishes I  
50 x 50 cm
Three Wishes II by Riina Varol
Three Wishes II  
50 x 50 cm

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