NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

untitled 1, 2023

180 x 150 cm

Oil paint on cotton

A painting tells a story of its making. Unmemorised layers, one on top of another, remain unforgotten by the linen underneath. Marks are made and scraped off, a figure is drawn just to be painted over with another layer. A frayed brush with hair sticking out, wet paint, a hole punctured through…


A painting appears as indecisive as the painter. Nevertheless, it feels complete. In the organic shape, red and earthtone the painting finds itself satisfied – the shape of a petal recides in that of a thumb, an arm is just a smear of paint, and a head’s outline opens up into distance.


The painting was exhibited in the 2023 BFA show at Kuva/Tila.


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untitled 2 by Lassi Kontiainen
untitled 2  
180 x 150 cm