NOBA Nordic Baltic contemporary art platform

Transmission, 2022


The measurements shown beside the artwork are not right, because it is a series of different works

Series of 7 acrylic paintings on aluminum composite board. Various sizes from 0.24 — 4.58 m²

the process of passing something from one person or place to another

(Oxford English Dictionary)

The last decades have brought significant changes to our collective unconscious, making it wildly more diverse than ever. Each day we encounter more messages than the previous, and the images are ever faster. The series „Transmission“ on the other hand consists of very slow images. These are all-over abstract paintings which open themselves gradually and form bridges to the unconscious space of experience.

Such works are in essence a veil between dreams and the material world, inspiring connection with the deeper, daily untouched inner world. The formal minimalism — from a distance even perceived as meditative monochromatic rectangles — allow the meaning to be born only in accordance with the input from the viewer. Thereby, these paintings are about the very same person who is standing in front of them, creating a personal and unique stage for their thoughts and feelings. The meaning is born when the content of the painting and the content of the viewer meet.

When an explosion explodes hard enough,
dust wakes up and thinks about itself.


Everything about my graduation project can be found here: https://tase22.artun.ee/en/graduate/olev-kuma/